New Year, New YOU!: Investing in Yourself.

Did you know that 1 out of every 20 deals are successful in venture capitalism?  That’s right—for every 20 companies a venture capitalist firm invests in, there is 1 gold nugget.  In a way they’re lucky; if they know the odds, they can make an experienced assessment and take smart risks.  More importantly, if something isn’t working, they know when to cut their losses and move forward.

I know what you’re thinking, “What does this have to do with my self examination?”  I want to point you towards a new train of thought—you are the greatest investment in your own life.  Every part of your future, every relationship, every purpose you attempt to fulfill will ALWAYS start with YOU and however much time and energy you put into making yourself into your absolute best. 

Your time is the most precious asset you have…it is only time we have to trade for the experiences of love, joy,  and success.  It’s important for you to assess your chances of success, and create a plan that’s going to work FOR you, not against you.  And more importantly, you need to feel confident in seeing, objectively, what isn’t working for you, so that you can cut it loose, say goodbye, and invest in yourself in another, more productive and fulfilling way.

Today we’re going to learn about letting go.  Last week I asked you to do at least one Self Examination session, and journal it.  This is going to be key to finding what doesn’t work, so that you can move forward to more prosperous and enlightening paths in your life. 

Are you ready for the most exciting transformation of your life?  If you can master this process, you can transform yourself for bigger, better, and more fulfilling success and happiness, over and over again.

If you’ve read my book, Pure Thoughts for Pure Results, you know that I’ve mastered a process that I learned in the hardest imaginable ways.  I went from 17 with a baby on my hip, getting food stamps and struggling to make rent, to a successful entrepreneur with a happy family and an exciting ever-challenging life.  And every time an obstacle presented itself, I’ve been able to transform into JUST the right person, with JUST the right skills, to overcome and conquer it!

An essential part of discovery this process, was learning to let what wasn’t working go.  To release the emotions, the baggage, and the investments that will never serve me in a dutiful or long-term manner.  You NEED to approach your life from a clear sense of being, and the only way you can maintain that clarity is to constantly clean the rubbish out of your life.

Step 1: How do you see yourself?

Every label you give yourself can either limit or enable you to be as incredible or mediocre as you allow it to.  What does this mean?  You’re story will always start with how you identify yourself.  Right now, grab some scrap paper and a writing utensil, and write ONE personal statement about yourself.  It’s time to see how your pillar of Self Honesty is really working!  Don’t take longer than 2 minutes to do this, and set it aside.

Step 2: What do you perceive as your strengths?

Consider this a personal job interview with yourself—what are you good at?  Great at?  If you could spend more time on something, what would it be?  What excites you, and what challenges do you find to be fun and favorable to meet?  Do you receive compliments or praise for any of your particular skills or accomplishments?  Don’t be modest: write them down!  Set this aside.

Step 3: What would you consider the greatest change/challenge you rose to over the last year?

Now it’s time to get specific—did you perceive it as great because of the emotional reward?  Did you improve a relationship?  Did you accomplish a dream or goal?  Did you benefit from it monetarily or career wise?  Did you grow personally, and register tangible change?  Write this down.

Step 4:  What would you consider your greatest shortcoming over the last year?

Yes, it’s time to implement that objective pillar of Self Honesty.  Was there a situation that you blew out of proportion?  Did you unintentionally isolate a relationship?  Do you feel you failed to reach one of your goals?  Have you yet to start pursing your dreams?  Do you feel like your personally stunted or stuck in a particular area of your life?  Write this down.

Step 5: What would you perceive as your weaknesses?

This may be a hard question to answer—talking about your less-than ideal habits puts you in a vulnerable position.  Relax, this is for your eyes only.  Do you find yourself particularly touchy about specific subjects or in certain situations?  Can you improve your health, your attitude, or set realistic goals?  Do you have relational problems?  Do you find your career boring or unsatisfying?  Be honest with yourself, but limit the time you spend describing this to 3 minutes or less.  Write this down and set it aside.

Step 6: How much time are you investing wisely?

I want you to write your average schedule down.  Not just your work schedule—include the time you spend exercising, spending time with loved ones, sitting in front of the TV, or reading a book.  Make sure to note if you spend any time pursing your dreams or goals.

Step 7: On a scale of 1-10, 1 meaning very little, and 10 meaning as much as you can , rate the following:

  • Your overall feeling of fulfilled purpose.
  • Your overall feeling of happiness.
  • Your satisfaction with your personal relationships.
  • Your career satisfaction.
  • Your mental health.
  • Your physical health.

Now that this is written down, I want you to do the following with each step:

Step 1: Assess how true your personal statement is.  Is it fulfilling in any way?  Does it uplift or encourage you?  If not, it’s time to write the statement that paints you in your best, and most fulfilled state.  Today we are going to release your personal perception, and usher in a new one.  The best step forward on the path of success, is to see yourself ALREADY winning, and begin acting on it.

Step 2: Assess how true your strengths are.  Do they compliment your NEW personal statement, or do they speak of your old personal statement?  What passions or goals did you write down, that can support your winning habits?  Anything that seems questionable, or counter productive needs to go on your release list.  If it doesn’t strengthen the WHOLE of you, how can you expect to continue forward without tripping?

Step 3: Compare your NEW personal statement, and your biggest personal triumph.  Do they fit hand in hand?  Chances are that they are incredibly synced.  Your soul has an incredible way of creating synergy toward the desires within us, and it’s essential that we listen and follow them!  What other goals can you reach for this year, that continue to support your NEW personal statement?

Step 4: Let’s take this experience and begin releasing what doesn’t work, as we replace it with things that uplift and support our greater path.  What can you constructively do to improve similar situations in the future?  What lessons can you glean from this situation?  Do they fit with your NEW personal statement or your old personal statement?  It’s important that you quality check each constructive action and lesson, so that they aid, instead of cripple you, in your personal journey.

Step 5: Assess the honesty behind your list of weaknesses.  Do they genuinely cripple you?  Or are you having a hard time embracing a quality that could aid you and become one of your strengths?  Begin sorting through this list, and move the true weaknesses into your queue for release.  Once we acknowledge a problem and initiate change, our minds begin to do the hard work for us!

Step 6: Does this schedule fit with your NEW personal statement?  Is there anything you can release, or habits you can change, to allow yourself to grow?

Step 7:  Keep these scores in a safe place, and allow yourself to let these thoughts go. In 30 days we are going to reassess your ratings, and see where things have improved.

The Process of Release.

Set aside another Self Examination session for yourself, with a minimum of 30 minutes.  Now that you’ve done an in-depth search for the you that you want to grow this year, it’s time to let go of the OLD you, and your OLD habits.

This year is your gold nugget.  So listen carefully.

(For a complete, powerful audio on releasing and starting new, get The Garden of New Beginnings for 50% off using the code NEWME.)

Breathing in, drawing you breath all the way down to the base of your spine, holding it.  Just release it and allow your body to let go.  Breathe in again, this time imagine gathering up with your inhale, everything that isn’t serving you, holding it in one spot.  As you exhale, release all of those things that aren’t serving your greatest highest growth and forward movement.  Repeat again, gathering everything you don’t need, pulling it together in one tight spot.  As you exhale, imagine that you’re releasing it to the universe completely and forever. 

And now with each continuing breath imagine the universe is feeding you new ideas, and giving you a new clarity.  Keep noticing each breath in, drawing in a new identity of clarity, drawing in new visions, new beginnings, noticing you release the old a little bit more, with each and every exhale.  Continue this process from 2-5 minutes, and as your finishing, imagine your feet firmly planted on the bare earth, walking forward on the earth to be the greatest possible version of you.

When you have come back to an alert state, stand up and stretch.  It feels good to take the garbage out so you can bring the treasures in, doesn’t it?

The last thing I want you to do, is take your new personal statement and write it on a nice piece of stationary, or a bright sticky note.  Now stick that where you feel you’ll see it the most.  Anytime your mind wanders back in the old direction, read your personal statement to yourself, and re-center.  You can’t change the past, but you can determine your future!

Next week we are going to go over creating the action plan for creating a New YOU, with baby steps that spill over into every area of your life!  Get ready to say hello to the New YOU!

Here’s to your absolute greatest investment ever—YOURSELF!


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